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Differential Service

The Transmission Shop in Lewisville, Dallas, Plano and Garland offers Differential Services for your vehicle that include the examination, removal, repair and service of damaged gears. We also replace all gear fluid and keep your transmission running at peak performance.

The importance of your gearbox fluid cannot be underestimated. Without the fluid to lubricate your gears, shafts and bearings, the high amount of stress and heat on your gears would quickly break them down and cause failure. Your fluid does have a usable life span and will eventually break down and loose its effectiveness. This is why almost all vehicle manufacturers recommend the replacement of differential fluid at least every twenty five to thirty thousand miles. Electronic Cigarette

At The Lewisville Transmission Shop, we perform maintenance on your gears and differentials that includes:

  • Removing Fill Plug
  • Inspecting Fill Plug For Defects
  • Removing Drain Plug
  • Inspecting Drain Plug For Defects
  • Flushing Out Old Gearbox Oil
  • Vacuuming Out Any Remaining Oil
  • Reinstalling Drain Plug
  • Filling Up Differential With High Quality New Gear Oil
  • Replacing the Fill Plug

Come to The Transmission Shop in Lewisville, Garland, Plano or Dallas today and enjoy a speedy and completely thorough and skillful transmission service. Our transmission inspections are completely FREE! You will appreciate the expertise of our certified transmission mechanics, our reasonable prices, and outstanding customer care. Stop by today or fill out the form on our website for more information!

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