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Transmission Repair in Dallas, Garland, Plano, or Lewisville

Are you looking in Dallas or Lewisville for a reliable inspection of your transmission, a diagnosis that you can trust, skillful and expert transmission service, transmission repair, transmission overhaul, or transmission replacement?

Look no further! Come to The Lewisville Transmission Shop today. Our certified and skilled transmission experts specialize in all types of transmission repair and transmission service in Dallas. We can take care of your vehicle's transmission, regardless of the age, type, make or model. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is domestic or foreign, an automatic transmission or a a manual transmission. We have decades of experience and skilled expertise to get your transmission up running, and keep it running, at its peak performance.

Don't allow anyone other than the experts at The Transmission Shop work on your transmission.   Just a regular car repair shop will not have the same level of expertise, training, and equipment as a shop that specializes only in transmissions.

Would you feel comfortable having a regular doctor perform your heart surgery? Even though a regular doctor no doubt has knowledge of the heart, he does not possess the same qualifications, training, experience, skills, and specialized equipment that a cardiac surgeon would possess.

The same is true at The Transmission Shop in Lewisville. The transmission is very complex and has many components. The technician working on your transmission not only needs to be a trained and certified transmission expert, but also needs the special diagnostic scans, tools and equipment to accurately diagnose and properly repair your transmission. Only trust the experts at the Lewisville Transmission Shop!

There are numerous symptoms that can mimic a failing transmission, when in reality they are simple problems to fix, such as a malfunctioning sensor, or a problem with a fuse or cable. A less experienced and capable technician may tell you that you need a costly transmission repair when your problem is something electronic cigarette starter else entirely. Some symptoms that appear to be coming from the transmission actually are issues with the engine. Only The Transmission Shop experts can accurately diagnose your problem and let you know if the problem truly is related to the transmission or not. An accurate diagnosis is critical for helping you to avoid spending money on unnecessary repairs that do not help solve the underlying problem.   But an accurate diagnosis is only the beginning. The corrective repair that is carried out subsequently must be skillful and professionally rendered. The Transmission Shop only employs certified and trained transmission experts. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your transmission is in the best possible hands!

The initial transmission inspection and examination is completely FREE at all of our locations at The Transmission Shop in Lewisville, Garland, Plano and Dallas. It will only take a few moments of your time, and no appointment is necessary. Bring your vehicle in today for a FREE transmission inspection and diagnosis, especially if you have observed any of these signs that may indicate a possible transmission problem: puddles of fluid on the ground under your vehicle, it feels as if the transmission sometimes is "slipping", your engine seems to rev more than normal when shifting, you hear strange noises or feel unusual vibrations.   Ignoring these problems may cost you more later down the road. Don't delay - bring your vehicle to The Transmission Shop in Lewisville or any Dallas location today for a FREE exam!

We provide transmission repair, transmission service, transmission inspection, transmission diagnosis, transmission exam, and transmission replacement for the entire Drive Train and all components of the transmission, including but not limited to the: Transfer Case, Clutch Assemblies, Clutch Hydraulics, Axles, Differentials, Transmission Fluids, Filter Maintenance, etc.

Stop by today or fill out the form on our website for more information. We look forward to the opportunity of servicing all your transmission needs!

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