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Clutch Replacement

Many people feel that manual transmission are more reliable than automatic transmissions, mainly because they often last longer than an automatic transmission. It isn't unusual for a manual transmission to last one hundred thousand miles or more. While this is true, the manual transmission does have one weak area....the clutch.   The clutch takes a lot of wear and tear. Just think about it for a moment, how many times in a typical day of driving do you use your clutch? In just one driving session, it isn't unusual for the clutch to be engaged (and dis engaged) over and over again for hundreds of times. It is only a matter of time, then, even for the highest quality clutch, before it eventually wears out.

This is where The Transmission Shop in Lewisville comes to your rescue! We offer expert transmission repair, transmission inspection, and transmission services for all types, makes, and models of vehicles. This includes all components of the transmission, such as the clutch, clutch assembly, pressure plate, throw out bearing and flywheel.

How can you tell if there is a problem with your clutch?   By bringing your vehicle in to the Lewisville Transmission Shop for regular maintenance and inspections, problems can be caught early. But you also may observe some of these warning signs yourself: Electronic Cigarette

  • While shifting, the tachometer responds erratically and jumps up and down more than normal.
  • The vehicle does not shift as smoothly as it once did. Shifting is becoming rough, and the engine sometimes jerks.
  • You may begin to hear the engine rev more than normal during shifting.
  • You have noticed an unpleasant odor similar to the smell of burning rubber.

Do not wait until your vehicle exhibits ALL of the above signs before you bring it in for a FREE inspection at The Transmission Shop in Lewisville. If just one of those symptoms begins to emerge, immediately bring in your vehicle. Better yet, come to the Lewisville Transmission Shop for regular maintenance on your transmission to spot any possible problems BEFORE there are any visible signs. Also, regular maintenance helps to prolong the life of your clutch and prevent it from wearing out any sooner than necessary. The Lewisville Transmission Shop will provide for you a transmission service that includes replacing the gear oil. This helps to add some extra life onto the end of your clutch and prolong the eventual clutch replacement.

The Transmission Shop is your one-stop shop for all transmission repair and transmission services in McKinney, Lewisville, Garland, Plano and Dallas. Come by today or fill out the form on our website for more information!

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